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World of Coca Cola

If you are looking for a family outing in Atlanta, GA, a great choice would be the World of Coca-Cola Museum. Before the tour, there will be a brief wait in the lobby because everyone enters the museum as a group. Once you enter the museum, a tour guide will give a brief history of Coca-Cola in a room with tons of Coca-Cola memorabilia. Thereafter, you'll able to venture out to tour the museum at your leisure.

There are several exhibits you can view of the Coca-Cola brand through the years since there early beginnings. You definitely want to visit the 3D theater where you will receive glasses to view a movie, which is awesome. After watching the movie at the 3D theater, visit the Coca-Cola theater where you will view a 6-minute film on some of life's most memorable moments. Be sure to check out the Vault of Secret Formulas where the recipe is kept, the Pop Culture Gallery where you can design your own Coca-Cola artwork and also you will have an opportunity to take a picture with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear plus other photo opportunities and more to explore.

Now to the best part of the tour is the Taste It! beverage lounge. Enjoy the most popular tasting of 100+ flavors of various Coca-Cola family of brands from across the world such as Zimbabwe, Korea, Romania and Mexico. A must-try is Beverly of Italy introduced in 1969, a carbonated non-alcoholic aperitif consumed before meals by Italians, believed to help with digestion (not sold in stores only available at the World of Coca-Cola). Beverly has a distinctive taste that you will never forget, so make sure you sip up!

Taste It! beverage lounge

As you wind down your tour be sure to visit the Coca-Cola Store, you will definitely find something you will like. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to going back!!


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